New Beta Test Available

A new beta test version of BRAMS Model is available.

This version includes a lot of new features, bug fixes and some updates.

1. New 5th order Runge-Kutta advection scheme selected by namelist (RAMSIN). Read more

2.A new windfarm module. Read more

3. New error evaluation module used in run time.

4. New feature to read initial conditions based in formats like GRADS, NetCDF4, NetCDF4/CD5, GRIB2.

5. New module to determine the ammount of rain in closed defined areas;

6. New type of Soil Moisture data may be read usind GRADS data generated from NASA/GEOS model.

7. A adaptative Makefile that adjust the model compilation if the libraries are present or not. This new configure system enhance the model portability. Tests in differents plataforms/compilers was made (NEC, IBM, DELL, HPE/CRAY – AMD/INTEL/POWER9 – GFortran, INTEL, NEC, IBM, etc).

8. A lot of bugs caused by parallelism problems (and other minor bugs) have been solved.

9. A new debug module was implemented and may be used for code maintenance.

10. A bunch of auxiliary software was added on package in order to get and convert data from/to other models/data.

Others minor changes was made. The new model was tested, commited in control version system and placed in Project site of CPTEC. More tests will be made and soon a new model release, Version 5.5, will be deployed.

Only internal users of CPTEC have access to this Beta version via the CPTEC Project Site (BRAMS Project). If you are interested in being part of the model testing team, send a formal request via email to

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