Troubleshooting FAQ

  • Segmentation fault messages in BRAMS execution
  • If you got a Segmentation fault message in BRAMS execution, you may executing BRAMS with more than one processor, which requires more memory to run.

    At first, check the stack size of your system by invoking the command on the terminal:
    $ ulimit

    The recommended is at least 65535, ou even unlimited, as the Get Started page suggests.

    Using the Walcek monotonic advection also requires more memory:

    ADVMNT = 1, ! 0 = Forward 2nd order (non-monotonic)
    ! 1 = Walcek monotonic advection

    I this case you can use a the option ADVMNT = 0, which is not the best one but you can get satisfactory results.

  • BRAMS execution locked

    If the execution of BRAMS appears to be locked, check if exists the directory named “TMP” in the same directory of the BRAMS executable, as the Get Started page suggests.

    Since version 5.2.5, BRAMS raises an error if the TMP directory was not create and exported (server execution).