Release Notes

Version 5.3

  • New improvement: HDF5 no more needed



Version 5.2.5

  • New feature: New post variable: “poda” – Partial Oxygen Density in the air
  • New feature: New post variable: ” rh2m” – Relative Humidity 2m
  • New feature: Plumerise with FRE methodology
  • New feature: New post variables for surface:

1) h_antrhj=> anthropgenic urban heat source
2) radnetj=> Surface net radiation on tiles
3) h_tilej=> Surface FTL for land tiles
4) le_tilej=> Surface latent heat flux for land tiles
5) htf_tilej=> Surface heat flux on land tiles
6) ht_fluxj=> Net downward heat flux at surface over land and sea-ice…

  • Bug fix: Error using “acccon” or “precip” post variable when using NNQPARM = 0
  • Bug fix: Error when TMPDIR environment variable not exists or points to an inexistent directory
  • Bug fix: Error using NNQPARM==5 and MCPHYS_TYPE==2 or 3 on intel machines
  • Bug fix: Aerosols PM2.5 and PM10 – continental not working properly
  • Bug fix: Compile error using gfortran
  • Improvements: Several performance advances reducing the time of running BRAMS