Known Issues FAQ

  • Compile with Intel
  • If you are using an Intel compiler, you probably need to change the code as below of src/brams/model/ModOneProc.f90 file:


    INQUIRE (file=tmpdir, exist=dirExist )


    INQUIRE (directory=tmpdir, exist=dirExist )



  • RAMSPOST 6.0 generating cropped map
  • RAMSPOST 6.0 was made to allocate automatically the BRAMS grid size.
    The previous version (5.0) has the grid size fixed in the code, so the user needs to change the size manually in the code and then recompile.
    However, the version 6.0 is cropping the plotted map of some larger grids, and the cause was not determined yet.
    If you face this issue, please try to use the version 5.0 instead.
    This bug will be fixed as soon as possible.